I was also inspired to dig through the NYTimes archive around the month of April, 1970. I found this article called, “Love Letter Read at the Davis Trial,” about a love letter from Angela Davis to George Jackson. This letter was confiscated as proof of how strong her love for him was, and that this love supports her conspired attempt to get Jackson released from prison. I picked this article because it seemed rather outlandish, this idea of manipulating love to serve a purpose, to prove a point in court. It reflected the different notions of love that we seem to get in Company and through Robert, who we see balance back and forth between being content at being “alone” and wanting to be in love.

link: https://timesmachine.nytimes.com/timesmachine/1972/04/20/82219945.html?pageNumber=11

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  1. I also took to the New York Times archives as I searched for an artifact corresponding to your initial post. I was (unfortunately) not able to find a confiscated love letter dating from October 17, 2018. Instead, I’ve posted an article that I hope is equally entertaining and that similarly demonstrates Company’s “different notions of love.” This article is from the Times’ Modern Love section. For this feature, the Times put out a call for submissions, asking people to send in 100 word stories of “epic love.” The pieces published here, much like the couples’ vignettes in Company and the letter you’ve included above, paint a multifaceted picture of romance and relationships. Tragic tales of heartbreak are sandwiched between stories of food-induced proposals and the documentation of an unconventional romantic trio.

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