Hey Everyone! The musical in conversation with this ad is Gypsy and the reason I was drawn to and interested in examining this add was the use of female sexuality in branding. This ad seems to utilize a cheerleader in order to market the effectiveness of a cigarette brand – she is cheering for “Lucky Strike,” as she would have been cheering for her “all-American” football team. This not only both frames the brand as a symbol of masculinity through the usage of her sexuality and also uses the woman in order to draw attention to the advertisement itself as she is the first visual one would notice and the largest. It almost disguises the cigarette behind the female cheerleader. Furthermore, the ad also heavily emphasizes mildness in this almost aversion to being too heavy or strong. It’s a mild and rich taste, that is scientifically proven. It’s also something of note that the two male characters are a pioneer/cowboy (making me think of the “toreadables”) and a smart guy with a Ph.D. yet the way this ad characterizes a “standout” woman is just a cheerleader, demonstrating the surrounding bias at the time that women could only fit roles that used their sexuality, as Gypsy also touches on.


One Reply to “Gypsy Ad and the Use/Representation of Female Sexuality in Media”

  1. – Her bare leg! How scandalous!
    – Size of the woman much larger than the cigarettes themselves
    – The doctor and the cowboy, both “very male” occupations
    – I totally see the emphasis of “mildness” which is an interesting contrast to the use of bold colors and sexuality. Maybe the “perfect mildness” insinuates a woman who is just the right amount of promiscuous while also being a classy wholesome lady.
    – Heavy emphasis on the all-American values
    – It’s just hilarious that a doctor would be on a cigarette ad

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