This tweet from the airline company Lufthansa, while not of course posted in 1970 shows an image of the passengers on the Boeing B747’s first flight with the airline on April 26, 1970. The flight went from Frankfurt to New York City, carrying large numbers of passengers into the city on the largest aircraft of the time. I was immediately reminded of the song “Another Hundred People” in Company  because of the large numbers of passengers either coming to visit or returning to New York just as Marta says in the song. In particular, the large number creates an anonymity of the passengers. They are just more people coming into and out of the city. This speaks to Company in general as well in relation to the theme of being alone in a crowd.

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  1. When looking for news about flying on October 17, 2018, I found a press release from that day that was a travel advisory announcing construction at LaGuardia Airport due to its redevelopment. While obviously we have come a long way since Boeing B747’s flight on April 26, 1970, this press release shows that airports are still developing to accommodate more people. The advisory also shows the dependency on flying that has been established. It states that the construction will be done during “overnight shifts and weekend closures” so that the airport can be completely in use during the week. This keeps the connection to “Another Hundred People”, and in fact emphasizes it since in 2018 more and more people were flying in and out of New York City than in 1970.

    Link to announcement:

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