Above is an anniversary announcement. It was published in the New York Times on April 26, 1970, the same day Company opened on Broadway. This announcement underscores the show’s views on marriage and relationships as it illustrates the points made in numbers such as “Little Things You Do Together.” In the number, “Little Things You Do Together,” the characters in Company, led by Joanne, define what “makes marriage a joy.” Alternating between innocent activities (“the concerts you enjoy together”) and significantly darker ones (“children you destroy together”), the glib lyrics comment on the nature of marriage. Marriage, in the context of Company, is considered both an act (and, perhaps, an art) of compromising and a mass of contradictions, pleasurable and painful, rocky and rewarding. In this release, a husband wishes his “dearest wife” a happy third wedding anniversary and publicly declares his love for her. Couched in between these two sweet statements however, he (jokingly) counts down the number of anniversaries the pair has left, writing “47 more to go.”

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  1. I searched far and wide for the NYTimes wedding announcements and found them in the Love section under This Week’s Wedding Announcements for the week of 10/17/2018. Featuring pictures of the couple and a breakdown of how they met and who they are, I thought it’d be an accurate comparison of the anniversary announcement you found from 1970! Much like you mentioned, the act of a wedding announcement does indeed still seem to reflect some of those aspects of an act — letting the world know who they are in such a public manner. Some interesting differences were that these announcements seemed less personal than the message of the husband to the wife, as they were written in third person and more about the facts. There is also an evident time shift, seen in the representation of more interracial and same-sex marriages.

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