I was assigned to WSS! I chose this Dr Pepper ad because the wording at the bottom really caught my eye. “It’s different… I like it!” These words really have a different meaning when you look at the issues of race and differences that WSS brings up. There is so much racial tension, and I interpreted this ad as speaking to racial differences in particular. Not sure which publication the ad is from!

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  1. I think this is a really interesting ad to use to think about the dynamics of race in relation to WSS. I think the slogan “It’s different…I like it!” is an extreme simplification of how race dynamics should be. There is no understanding in it that difference should not have the option of not liking it. I also was thinking about what this soda is different from. I assume it is Coca cola. Coke would have been the main stream soda of the time and in an attempt to make a lesser known and consumed drink seem just as good the advertisement opted to make them seem different and framed that difference as very positive. In that way, the ad is promoting something that is not the mainstream or “normal” choice. Imagine the model for the ad was not a young white boy but a young black or puerto rican boy or another minority in America. It would make the slogan immediately racialized.

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