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I chose this ad because I don’t think of beer as something that would’ve been advertised to Black women in the 1950s, so I was interested by the fact that this ad inverts my assumption of gender and race at the time.

Publication: Unknown

2 Replies to “Sample Post: Abigail’s Ad”

  1. A Black woman in a pink sweater doing a crossword puzzle
    she is being poured a Budweiser beer
    She has a full face of make up
    a lot of bracelets on
    and she has a wide smile

  2. Questions about this ad:
    Is this color and style and yarn of sweater stylish for the time?
    Are those designer bracelets?
    I assume the person pouring the beer is a man?
    Is the text “Puzzle” on the ad? What does it mean?

    Other observations:
    Painted fingernails and coiffed hair–signs of femininity
    She is lying on the floor, on a rug–feeling of being comfortable and at home
    Doing the crossword puzzle–implication that she is smart

    I’m also curious what publication or magazine this appeared in.

    To me, this ad converses with Gypsy, in that the woman occupies a position of power and intelligence and leans towards masculinity (as Abigail says above). Like Louise by the end of the musical, this woman performs a conventional femininity but also displays some masculine traits. The ad is also fascinating because it features a Black woman. I’d love to see Louise played by a woman of color.

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