For this post, I did a search of books published in 1970, and although I don’t know what month The Bluest eye was published in, I know it was at least published the same year Company came out.  After reading a brief synopsis of The Bluest Eye (link pasted above) I didn’t find too many parallels as this novel and Company are about very different things, but the way I connected them is through the truthfulness of their stories. Company was unlike other musicals we’ve seen in that it talks about issues that are prevalent in most people’s day to day lives, and I felt like it could almost serve a mirror into the lives of many men. That being said, The Bluest Eye is similar in that it portrays the raw truth. Although one is about marriage and commitment and the other is about race, they both  portray the lives and struggles of very real, very relatable characters.

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  1. A book at came out in Fall of 2018 (September 25th specifically, but I figured it was close enough) is my favorite book, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green. While at first it might be difficult to see a connection between a beautiful and important novel by Tori Morrison and a novel by the brother of Fault in Our Stars author John Green, I think the analysis Safa provided about The Bluest Eye’s relationship to Company being about honesty and raw truth actually applies to this novel as well. Green’s novel examines human relationships and cooperation on a global scale through an extra terrestrial encounter that is all fed through the the lens problems that arise with social media fame and infamy. He asks the question, if asked to, would the world be able to come together and cooperate on a global scale or would we tear each other apart. the characters in the novel are very realistic and relatable while the issues they tackle are by comparison very large. Although not about marriage or race, this novel discusses difference of belief and the way notoriety can impact a person and their relationships. And, the main character, much like Robert, spends a lot of time alone with her thoughts thinking about the relationships around her.

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