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Our Enemies and Friends

Nashi vragi i druz'ia
Наши враги и друзья
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Our Enemies and Friends (1930) consists of ten short verses and illustrations that expose the vices of international capitalism and colonialism and call for solidarity with the oppressed workers of the world. It was written by Nikolai Studenetsky and illustrated by the prominent Soviet illustrator Aminadav Moiseevich Kanevsky (A. Konevsky in his early career), for a series of books edited by Bibliotechka zhurnala Druzhnye rebiata (Little Library of the Journal United Children, 1927-1953). The target audience of Druzhnye rebiata was peasant children and the journal, established by the All-Union Pioneer Organization and the People’s Commissariat for Education, was expected to convey political and educational messages to them in words and images they could understand.

Larissa Rudova

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