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Five soldiers crouch on bended knee in a trench, each holding a bright red rifle, ready for defense. 

Much like Moor’s poster “The Red Guard Doesn’t Want Blood, But is Ready (1921)” this image of the soldiers stresses that Soviet troops are not offensive in nature, but will be ever-ready to defend the socialist experiment. 


The children followed the Red Army. They were not walking long. They see the Red Army soldiers stop near the roads and begin to shovel out a ditch. They dug out a long ditch, but not too deep. Then, they laid down in the ditch and pointed their rifles out.

And Ivan said, “See, Styopa, this is what they do. We were both wrong. They do not sing songs or walk on roads. They lay in the ground for no one to see.”

“Right,” Styopka said “So, their business is not to sing songs but play hide and seek. Let’s go home, quick before they leap up!”


(Translation by Monique Asetre, Dalhousie University)