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I wake up the kids,

I wake them up,

I wake up mother,

I wake her up,

To work I call,

I call!”

The whistle has sound coming out of it as drawn, waking up the families of the town.

The two red whistle poles stand relative to each other at a jarring angle, imparting an aggressive positioning that imbues the poles with  human-like qualities, as they stand tall and lean to alert the town

The smoke of the factory blends with the clouds, becoming the sole two elements to make up the sky in addition to the sun, which can only poke through the dense smoke. This suggests industry and daily life are inseparable.

The factory whistle dominates the life cycle of the inhabitants living nearby, as it determines when the workers and their families wake up, rather than another method. As can be seen in this illustration, the mother does not wake up the kids, but rather the whistle retains that agency.