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Your mother gets up

Together with you.

The calling whistle falls silent—

Mother stands at the machine.

From whistle to whistle,

Her hand is working.

Her hand is working, it is thorough,

At the machine a different mother is working.

On each page the color red appears. Its appearance suggests the inseparability of Socialism from daily life. The red kerchief in particular was often worn by working class women.

The woman’s facial expression is happy. She looks healthy, invigorated, and appears to be wearing lipstick. This clean and kempt appearance stands in contrast to the more likely reality of working conditions: dirty and polluted.

She wears a green dress, a significant part of the book's color palate in green, yellow, and red (each appearing on each page). Were we to ascribe symbolic import to the green, it might be linked to nature or the healthy environment on display elsewhere in the book, perhaps suggesting that the factory not only (supposedly) positively contributes to the quality of life of its workers, but to the environment as well. See page 6.