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Jimmy hovers over a crowd of Pioneers, standing on the right wing of the red-starred plane. As in the first image, Jimmy is depicted riding on top of a vehicle rather than inside it, and he is the lone human figure in the upper half of the image, with all others squarely in the lower half.

Triumphantly flying a red flag, Jimmy Joe is a representative of the newest generation of Americans being translated from an exhilarating fully realized ultra-modern American urban landscape peopled by socially and culturally decadent adults, to a no less exhilarating locale where a similar ultra-modern world is being built by the vigorous and inspired young state of a socially, politically and ideologically correct people.

Pioneers gather to dominate the lower half of the image.

Peasant figures with carts in the foreground.

There are similiarities between this last illustration in the book and the first, including two columns of smoke, one mostly black the other mostly white, rising into the sky, and the airplane hangar at the bottom of the upper half of the second image which echoes two semi-cylindrical structures at the bottom of the upper half of the first. However, the modern buildings are more sparse than the American scene, seeming to represent a nascent iteration of the American urban landscape.