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Compositionally, Poret opts for unusual high angles (see also p. 9), displaying here the workers’ mass massacre from a peculiar perspective constructed from a bird’s eye view (such a vantage point is not realistically possible even from a neighbouring tower since the artist’s presumed disposition is directly above the tram rails). In effect, such artificial conventions provide clever illusions and a sense of historical perspective when reflecting on the events almost a decade and a half old.

A crucified, Christ-like position in of one of the dispersed strikers, singled out in a blue blot, lying in the left bottom corner of the picture

Junkers and Cossacks dispersed the demonstration. They shot at the workers and soldiers. Many Bolsheviks were arrested.

Lenin had to go into hiding once again. He lived in a hut, far from the city, and from there he wrote letters to the workers:

“Prepare for an uprising!”

(Translation by Andrew Tureski, Dalhousie University)