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The artist relies on pure colours, sometimes preferring the monochromatic palette while introducing a striking addition of a red banner in several drawings (see also p. 4). This colorization device both adds semantic significance to the small detail and brings the reader’s attention to the ideological prominence of the flag embodying an idea of Bolshevism’s imminent domination over the gloomy Tsarist regime, which is on the brink of collapse.

At this time Lenin lived abroad. It was impossible for him to live in Russia.

The police were searching for him to throw him in jail. Only after a month did he manage to make his way to Leningrad.

At the railway station Ilyich climbed onto an armoured car and called out to the workers:

“Don't lay aside your weapons. You overthrew the Tsar, but the capitalists and landowners remain. We have to wage war against them.”

(Translation by Andrew Tureski, Dalhousie University)