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Here we  see the juxtaposition between the sketch that portrays two animals climbing on a tree next to the image of the indigenous children. The parallels between their relative positions provides a graphic reference to the comparison of the boys with monkeys and asses in the text.

A great deal of description is devoted to the appearances of the two boys Little Negro Sammy and Red-skinned Jo (or even that their names are as distinctive as “Sammy and “Jo”), and that they both love to interact with the wild world. The names "Jo" and "Sammy" are making very concrete references to Chief Joseph (a well known chief of a Native American tribe) and to Sambo (an offensive reference to people of African heritage, it is derived from the American Spanish zambo, denoting a kind of monkey).

Wild boys,

Asses and monkeys,

Are running in the woods.

Joe and Sammy aptly

Cut with a knife,

The fruit from the tall branch,

The fruit is big and round,

With very dark color,

Like the indian Joe.

Cocoa fruit is this,

He grows there, where summer,

Lasts year round.