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At the doorways of the warehouse, the cars buzz impatiently. Now, now! Come on and throw the bread into baskets and crates, but you can also load bread back in. Fly, o car, and drive fresh bread to the bakeries and co-ops. Morning has come, people have woken up and bread is necessary for each person.

The eagerness and jitteriness surrounding the anticipation of delivering the bread comes through with the personification of the cars as “impatient” machines that can be commanded - “Now, now!” - to “fly” to every bakery in the city. The story and bread-making process is about to end, but the momentum has not slowed as the reader gets excited to see the loaves distributed

By concluding the narrative with the final word “хлеб” (bread), the story comes to completion by highlighting the most important thing: the bread. This sets the reader up for when they turn the page and see a loaf of bread at a morning table, signaling a goal achieve

Beginning with the darkness of the night and ending with a sunrise to coincide with the shipping of the bread converts the sunrise into a timer: the opening lines set a deadline of morning for the bread to be ready, so having the bread shipped during sunrise means the job was completed on time.

Two types of workers appear in this scene: the white uniforms of the bread-makers and the black uniforms of the drivers. The different uniforms capture this step of the bread-making process as a transitioning one, where workers in white are confined to the inside of Хлебозавод No. 3 and drivers move between the boundaries of factory and city

A new color scheme marks the final textual page in the book as the bread-making process has been taken outside. The green ties together the image by blurring various components together: the faraway people mix with the ground, the cars seem to spring from the grass, and the trees and the cars flow into each other. Having the loading dock building, cars, and gate all in one color unifies the outward movement of the loaves in one color.

The illustration sets up a final color dynamic to break the bread-making process into those steps that occur outside the building and those that happen inside by color coordinating the white uniforms of the bread-makers to the white buildings of the factory and green of the loading dock to the green of the trucks.