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"How the Peasants Remember the Orders of Comrade Lenin": This illustration shows the impact of the end of Lenin’s life and his legacy for workers and peasants.


The positive fruits of the revolution are shown in an interior scene of peasants inside a spacious hut underneath a portrait of Lenin and a poster announcing the union of peasants and workers.

A poster calling for the "Strengthening of the smychka (union)" between city and countryside. The peasant figure at left reaches out his hand to the worker at right. They hold the icongraphically loaded sickle and hammer, respectively.

The peasants listen in rapt attention as a Red Army soldier reads from a newspaper.

A poster likening illiteracy to blindness with a blind peasant groping with a staff. The focus on literacy is clear in the room with books lining the bookshelves, the reading Red Army Soldier, and newspapers spread across the table.

The lightbulb also functions to underscore the "enlightenment" theme throughout the room. Lenin's electrification plan (elektrifikatsiia) would further serve to unite city and countryside by the network of light and modern living. It was heralded by the slogan: “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.”

Arkady Shaikhet, "Lenin's Lamp" 1925