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"Ilych’s Funeral" shows the impact of the end of Lenin’s life and his legacy for workers and peasants. This chapter on Lenin’s funeral tells readers that “many, many workers and peasants came to Lenin’s funeral,” including the hero and heroine of this work, the peasant Vanya and urban worker Masha, who never in fact meet in the course of the narrative, but who represent a reversal of the famous “smychka” (union) between city and countryside. This union became iconic in Vera Mukhina’s famous monument “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” (1937) which is still used as the emblem for Mosfilm Studios.

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (1937)


The illustration shows a snowy countryside (Lenin died in January 1924) literally emptying out as hundreds of men, woman and children, on foot and in sleds, make their way to Moscow to pay their respects to Lenin.

Red Army soldiers