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Detiam o Lenine (For Children About Lenin) was published by the State Publishing House in 1926, two years after Lenin’s death, and created by the Institute for Children’s Reading. The book’s editor is A. Kravchenko, who put together a lengthy 34-chapter, 71-page children’s book on the history of the revolution and the importance of Lenin. The book’s illustrations were executed by Boris Kustodiev, a former member of the World of Art group, whose members brought Russian book art to a new and exquisite level in the early twentieth century. At the time that he created these illustrations, Kustodiev was suffering from paraplegia following tuberculosis of the spine, and was confined to his bed.

"For Children about Lenin"

"B. Kustodiev"

"State Publishing House"

The cover is executed in bold primary colors (red, black and white) with text in angular typeface and geometrical patterns, and shows the already canonical image of Lenin in silhouette, in the throes of oratory, pointing (in this case actually reaching) towards the future. This image would have been more than familiar to the children of 1926 from monuments and paintings of the Bolshevik leader.

Monument to Lenin at Finland Station, Leningrad (1926)