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The triumphant "Bolshevik Tom" is pictured in the garb of a young Pioneer: white shirt and loosely knotted tie. 

The final image of Tom in the USSR, standing—outsized, triumphant, legs stride and hands on hips—against the background of a thriving factory, is of a mature young man, wearing a peaked cap and a Pioneer tie, “free as a bird,” as the text puts it. He has found education and purpose, as suggested by his stance.

By the sound of the bell we go to school,

By the sound of bell we go to lunch,

And in his free time

Every boy reads.


Goodbye Auntie, I'm free as a bird!

Respectfully loving you Tom,

Who wishes that you become

a Bolshevik.

(Translation by Jane Robinson-Boivin, Dalhousie University)