The Politics of Race in Comparative Perspective


This seminar explores the causes and consequences of race politics around the world, using theories and methods from political science to elucidate substantively important questions. The course begins by considering the very concept of race, and how it compares with the related notion of “ethnicity”. Students study the making and unmaking of white supremacy, “racial democracy”, and other racial orders, including the cases of South Africa, the United States, and Brazil. Other topics include conflict over census categories; preference policies; and the effects of racial diversity on trust.

POL351/WWS311: The Politics of Development


This course investigates the key political drivers of human development through careful consideration of theory and comparative analysis. Topics include state-building, colonialism, ethnic conflict, global integration, multi-level governance, and global public health.

The site formed a virtual discussion space for readings, talks, and questions about the course content.

Instructor: Evan S. Lieberman, Politics.

Mapping Globalization


The Mapping Globalization website is intended for everyone interested in globalization. The main goal of the website is to make empirical work on globalization as widely accessible as possible. The website offers an expanding set of resources for students, instructors, and researchers, and provides a forum for empirical research on globalization.