Princeton Geniza Project

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The Princeton Geniza Project website hosts approximately 4500 TEI-encoded transcriptions of Judeo-Arabic textual fragments. The archive has been used for decades as a scholarly research, teaching, and learning resource.  In 2016, the newly-created Princeton Geniza Lab in Frist Campus Center, is working with staff members from the McGraw Center to update and standardize the database.

Levantine Colloquial Arabic

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The Levantine Colloquial Arabic site facilitates the study of Arabic through three popular Arabic-language films.  The site includes clips from the films, associated vocabulary lists, and transcriptions.

Lessons, Readings and Dialogues for Persian Language

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This website presents materials in support of the study of Introductory persian. The lessons were developed by Firoozeh Khazrai of the Near Eastern Studies Department with Paula Hulick of the McGraw center for Teaching and learning.

Arabic Alphabet: The Transformation of the Latin Alphabet from its Arabic Equivalent


Featuring animated transformations of Arabic and Latin letters of the alphabet and audio recordings of vocabulary, the Arabic Alphabet website facilitated mastery of the Arabic alphabet in Intensive Arabic