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Looking east, McCosh walk, showing Little Gate, Witherspoon Hall, Little Hall; Edwards Hall in distance
Map shows the area of campus south of the Infirmary. The Isabella McCosh Infirmary (1893), the Gun Club, and a small unidentified building are shown on the north edge of map (lower right). Part of Washington Road is also shown.

Designed by H.H. Richardson

Nassau Hall and front campus, circa 1903. Nassau Hall still has belvedere towers over side stairwells

Nassau Hall, before the fire of 1855 -- pre-John Notman rennovation; showing changes made by Benjamin Latrobe after the fire of 1802.

Photo shows from left to right: East Pyne Hall (then called University Library, Dodge Hall, Murray Hall, Whig Hall, Clio Hall, circa 1909.

Photo taken from approximate location of west facade, West College showing from left to right, Witherspoon Hall, Blair Hall, Cambell and Joline Halls and Alexander Hall. Part of First Presbyterian Church visible behind Alexander. Circa 1909

Cane Spree of unidentified date; corner of Nassau Hall visible.

Photograph of Woodrow Wilson with unknown students at unknown location.
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