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  • Collection: Early photos and drawings of Princeton University held in Library of Congress Collections

Photographic portrait of Professor Arnold Henry Guyot, for whom Guyot Hall (1909) was named

View through Blair Arch (Cope and Stewardson, 1897) showing Alexander Hall (William Appelton Potter, 1894)

Players marching next to a train engine, which appears to be a parade float.. Cubical sign carried by one player says "Church News: See Marriage Notes" on side facing out. On the other visible part of the sign it says "SOCIAL: The 1910 Class Boy…
Map shows the area of campus south of the Infirmary. The Isabella McCosh Infirmary (1893), the Gun Club, and a small unidentified building are shown on the north edge of map (lower right). Part of Washington Road is also shown.

Albert B. Dodd Hall, (called Dod Hall) built 1891 by John Lyman Faxon.

Green School of Science, designed William Appelton Potter in 1873; enlarged, 1878. Civil Engineering used part of building from 1910; burned in fire, 1928

Photograph of Woodrow Wilson with unknown students at unknown location.

Chancellor Green Library, designed by William Appelton Potter, built 1873. Main reading room
Image features Clio and Whig halls as redesigned by A. Page Brown in 1892, Image shows from left to right, East Pyne Hall (formerly University Library, Marquand Chapel, part of Murray Hall, Whig Hall and Clio Hall.

Dickinson Hall, originally built between Chancellor Green Library and the John C. Green School of Science, was in the same plane and orientation as Nassau Hall, facing Nassau Street. It burned down in 1920. Some of the salvaged stone was used to…
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