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  • Collection: Early photos and drawings of Princeton University held in Library of Congress Collections

Frontispiece to "An Account of the College of New Jersey," published in Woodbridge, NJ, 1764

Chapel designed by John Notman, 1847

Print showing bird's-eye view of Princeton College with many of the buildings identified.

recent photo of Firestone Library, Princeton

Univeristy Chapel.jpg
Recent photo of the University Chapel. Date unknown.

Nassau Hall as rebuilt after the fire of 1855. Design by John Notman=.

“Aula Nassovica.” Copperplate engraving, 3.75 x 6.25 inches. Artist and engraver unknown. Illustration opposite p. 104 of New American Magazine, No. XXVII (March 1760), Woodbridge, in New Jersey: Printed and sold by James Parker. Sold also at the…
Newspaper account of 1855 fire that gutted Nassau Hall; destroys design by Benjamin Latrobe after the 1802 fire
Second story plan and north elevation of Prospect House, design by John Notman, 1878. Inscribed John Notman, Architect, Phila.(delphia)
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