Keller Center - Educating Leaders for a Technology-Driven Society


About the Keller Center

Established in February 2005, the mission of Princeton's Keller Center is to "educate students to be leaders in a technology-driven society". The Keller Center is creating new courses and strengthening existing ones that go beyond purely technical subjects to provide students a broader understanding of the global economic, environmental and cultural forces that shape and are shaped by technology. At the same time, the center is enriching students' education by supporting student engineering projects in the community, providing internships, hosting a variety of lecture series, and exposing them to entrepreneurial opportunities.

The explosive growth and influence of technology demands a new standard of engineering education.

To lead in a technology-driven society, all students must:

  • Gain exposure to real-world engineering problems
  • Be able to solve problems from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Understand technology in its societal context

The center will achieve this by:

  • Broadening the first-year curriculum for engineering students (EMP*)
  • Developing engineering-wide courses & programs (leadership, innovation, etc.)
  • Developing courses & programs in technology for AB students
  • Leveraging strengths at Princeton and beyond
  • Fostering international and community-based programs
  • Creating an extensive summer internship program 
  • Offering a wide range of entrepreneurship activities including courses, workshops, lectures, and internships

* The EMP course is an integrated introduction to Engineering, Math and Physics for first year engineering students