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The James Wei Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship

Made possible by the generous support of several Princeton alumni, the James Wei Visiting Professorship in Entrepreneurship is a key element of Princeton's broadening scope of entrepreneurship education at Princeton University. The Visiting Professor brings a unique and creative educational experience to the students (undergraduate and/or graduate) through classroom teaching and other projects.

The appointment is implemented either as one-semester with full support, or a full year with half-support. In the latter case, the expectation is that the other half support will be provided by the visitor's home institution.

The Keller Center is now accepting applications for the James Wei Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship for academic years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. Please visit this link for information on how to apply.

Current James Wei Visiting Professors

Lorraine Marchand-1.jpg
Lorraine Marchand (Fall 2013)
Lorraine Marchand is a seasoned entrepreneur, advisor to entrepreneurs, angel investor and former executive in biotechnology corporations. She is an experienced educator in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship through her teaching engagements with Columbia, Rutgers and other institutions. Lorraine received her BS degree in 1984 from the University of Maryland and her MBA in 2006 from Columbia University and London Business School. 

Lorraine Marchand has more than 20 years of experience as a business leader in the life sciences industry, where she is recognized for founding and managing companies, raising capital, developing and executing business development strategies, and creating new 
revenue streams. Among her previous executive roles, Ms. Marchand was founding CEO of Ocular Proteomics, a privately held diagnostics company; COO of Clinilabs, a drug-development services company; executive director of global development for Bristol-Myers Squibb; senior vice president of Porter Novelli/Omnicom; and founding director of the National Diabetes Education Program at the National Institutes of Health. Ms. Marchand is a Senior Associate Director for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program at the Columbia Business School, a business adviser to the University City Sciences Center in Philadelphia and a member of the Healthcare Business Women's Association, the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs, and the New Jersey Technology Council. She has received awards from professional associations, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the National Institutes of Health. 
Lorraine Marchand will teach EGR 495: Special Topics in Entrepreneurship - Developing Commercially Viable Technologies in the fall of 2013. The course will enable students to understand the needed steps and considerations in bringing new technologies that address unmet societal needs to successful commercialization and marketplace adoption by understanding technological innovations as well as the societal context in which these innovations are developed and brought to market.  The course will be based on case studies and students will have the opportunity to compete in state wide business plan competition.

Frank Fabozzi.jpg
Frank J. Fabozzi (Spring 2014)

Frank Fabozzi is an entrepreneur, educator, author and highly regarded expert in the area of financial theory, practice and the bond market. He is Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School and a member of the EDHEC Risk Institute, primarily responsible for doctoral dissertations in finance and the development of the PhD program in finance in North America. Prior to joining EDHEC, he held various professorial positions in finance in the Yale School of Management from 1993 to 2011 and was an Affiliated Professor at the Karlsruhe University (Germany) Institute of Statistics,  Econometrics and Mathematical Finance. From 1986-1992, he was a Visiting Professor of Finance in the MIT Sloan School of Management. Frank is a Fellow of the International Center for Finance at Yale University and for eight years served on the Advisory Council for the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University. He is the editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management and an associate editor for several journals. Frank is a trustee for the BlackRock family of closed-end funds and previously a trustee for the Guardian family of open-end funds and variable annuities. In 2002, Frank was inducted into the Fixed Income Analysts Society's Hall of Fame and is the 2007 recipient of the C. Stewart Sheppard Award given by the CFA Institute.  Frank earned a doctorate in economics from the City University of New York in 1972 and a BA (magna cum laude) and an MA in economics from the City College of New York, both in 1970. He earned the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant.

Frank will teach EGR 495: Special Topics in Entrepreneurship in the spring of 2014. The course will focus on business areas to help engineering students and others to launch successful entrepreneurial ventures. The course will cover not just high-technology entrepreneurship but new product innovation (products and services), social entrepreneurship (i.e., entrepreneurship applied to social problems), and hybrid ventures between private/public partnerships. The course will consist of lectures, guest lectures and case studies.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the writing of case studies which could potentially be published in a case study book.

Former James Wei Visiting Professors

Innaugurated in 2007, this professorship is a key element of Princeton's broadening scope of entrepreneurship education in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University. Previous holders of this professorship include: