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Keller Center Fellows in Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship

Ted Segal 2013 FellowThe Keller Center is pleased to invite students to apply to be a Keller Center Fellow in Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship.  All undergraduate and graduate students from all majors may apply after completing their first year at Princeton.  The application is now closed. The application for the 2014-15 academic year is now open. 


As fellows, we welcome students to participate actively in our vibrant Keller Center community. Our hope is that they will serve as key advocates and supporters of the Keller Center's role on campus, while honing their skills as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. 

Selected students serve a term of one academic year (September to June), as Keller Center Fellows in Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship and are eligible to reapply for the next year, if they so choose. Fellows are featured on the Keller Center website and are invited to special Keller Center events and functions throughout the year. All fellows are required, prior to the end of their term, to submit a report detailing their activities over the past year as well as present their work to the Keller Center and future fellows.

Special funding is available, exclusively to Keller Center Fellows, who are interested in pursuing individual or group projects. This funding is intended to support any project the Fellow would like to pursue that is in line with the Keller Center's broad mission of "Educating Leaders for a Technology-Driven Society".  Fellows are not required to apply for these funds, but they will be asked to submit their project proposal to the Keller Center for review, prior to disbursement of funds.

Keller Center Annual Fellows Retreat
On the last weekend in September, fellows will embark on a 2-day retreat at the Princeton- Blairstown Center, near the Delaware Water Gap.  There, the fellows are encouraged to get to know each other and brainstorm project ideas in line with the Keller Center mission that they would like to carry out over the academic year.

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