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The Next Great Entrepreneurial Opportunity: How to Identify Market White Space

The Next Great Entrepreneurial Opportunity: How to Identify Market White Space

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Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: Friend Center Convocation Room (113)
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Speaker: David Teten, Partner at ff Venture Capital; Founder and Chairman, Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York
Other: Reception to follow

The Keller Center is pleased to welcome David Teten to the Princeton campus on Thursday, November 14, 2013. David's talk will address the importance of market research in starting a business, identifying proper audiences for your product, and ways to reach out to particular people. After conducting research on best practices for deal origination, David found that venture capitalists only invest in one out of every one hundred startups that present pitches to them. Entrepreneurs should be nimble, listening to the market and acting according to the data they collect. A startup is not a company; rather, it is a group of people in search of a business model on which they can build a company.

This event, which is part of "The Creative Mind: Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Lecture Series", is sponsored by the Keller Center Venture Sponsors Program and will be followed by a reception.

Speaker Bio
David is a Partner with ffVC and Founder and Chairman of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, the second largest angel network in New York.  He formerly served on the board of Ionic Security and now serves on the board of Whisk.  He led the first-ever study of best practices of venture capital and private equity funds in originating new deals and the first-ever study of how VCs add value to portfolio companies.  

He has published in Harvard Business Review, Institutional Investor, the Journal of Private Equity, and many other publications, and is the lead author of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online. 

David is a frequent keynote speaker to audiences such as technology entrepreneurs (MIT CIO Symposium; NY Software Industry Association; Software Information Industry Association); institutional investors (Kauffman Fellows; Franklin Templeton; Association for Corporate Growth); and senior executives (Vistage; CEO Trust). He has received the highest ratings of any speaker at three different conferences.  He is a Mentor with Dreamit Ventures, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Founder Institute (New York and Singapore), Lean Startup Machine, and the Startup Leadership Program.  

He was formerly Founder and Chairman of Navon Partners, a data and analytics company focused on analyzing private companies; Acting CEO of Vertical Key (, a web-based software service for managing large-scale events; Managing Director with Evalueserve, a 2,500-person global research and analytics company; and Founder and CEO of Circle of Experts, an investment research firm acquired by Evalueserve. David was formerly Founder and CEO of GoldNames, an Israel-based investment bank focusing on the internet domain name asset class.  He worked with Bear Stearns' Investment Banking division in their technology/defense mergers and acquisitions team, and was a strategy consultant with Mars & Co. David holds a Harvard MBA and a Yale BA, both with honors. While still in college, he built a technology consulting firm with 35 clients.

David writes regularly on his blog and contributes periodically to Forbes, TechCrunch, pandodaily, and elsewhere.  David grew up in Marin County, Northern California, and learned to program on an Atari 800.  He trains in parkour, a sport in which crossing the chasm is more than a metaphor.