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Student Project Funding for 2013-14

Student Project Funding for 2013-14

The Keller Center is pleased to announce for the 2013-14 academic year, the availability of four funds to support a variety of student projects and internships. These funds are to be used specifically for (a) "engineering students pursuing projects that offer exposure to engineering applications outside the classroom," (b) "engineering students pursuing projects that combine engineering and policy", (c) "group projects conducted by students in engineering and applied science", and (d) "student projects and internships, especially those that involve collaborators in Japan." The Keller Center also has funding available for self-identified internships. More information about such funding will be made available in early spring 2014.

These funds are not intended to support junior independent projects or senior thesis research; funds to support such activities are made available through the office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Made possible by the Norman D. Kurtz '58 Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education, the Eugene Wong '55 Fund for Engineering and Policythe Alumni Fund, and the Michael L. Lerch '93 Fund for Innovation and International Collaboration, students (either as individuals or in groups) can apply for funding.  

  • Funding is open to all School of Engineering and Applied Science students*
  • Projects must have the support and supervision of a faculty adviser
  • Applications must be submitted no later than November 15, 2013
  • A final project report must be submitted by May 9, 2014 

Important information to consider before beginning the application process:

  1. Students may apply to only one fund per project. Please read through the fund descriptions carefully and choose a fund accordingly. For further guidance on the selection of the appropriate fund, please contact Stephanie Landers to discuss.

  2. *For students applying in a team/group, a team leader must be elected. The team leader shall then complete the online application form and list all additional team member information in the spaces provided. Also note that the team must include at least one engineering major.

  3. In addition to a brief project description, you are required to submit a full project proposal and detailed budget. You will have the opportunity to upload this document in the application form.

  4. In order to be considered for funding, the project must have the support and recommendation of a faculty advisor. Recommendations should be emailed directly from the advisor to Stephanie Landers at no later than 3PM on November 15, 2013.

Apply here