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Apply TODAY for the eLab Incubator Program!

Apply TODAY for the eLab Incubator Program!

eLab fall 2013

Application deadline: October 1st!

An addition to the Keller Center's eLab initiative, and serving as an exciting extension of the Summer Accelerator, the eLab Incubator Program aims to provide students a collaborative co-working space in which they can pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions during the academic year. 

The Incubator Program consists of two 10-week long sessions, with one session per semester. During the course of the 10 weeks, teams will have 24-hour access to the eLab space, located in Von Neumann Hall adjacent to the Engineering Quad. Each team will have their own workspace, but will also work with, and learn from, their fellow entrepreneurs. This is the true goal of the Incubator: to provide a space where collaborative learning and innovation can thrive, all with the end goal of taking innovative student ideas one stop closer to becoming a reality. 

How does the Incubator differ from the Accelerator?
Unlike the eLab summer program, Incubator teams do not receive a stipend. This is because unlike an Accelerator, which aims to take well developed, early stage, ventures to the next level, the Incubator is meant to be a space where ideation, creativity, and a fostering of the entrepreneurial spirit in a collaborative setting are central to the experience. In addition, t
he Incubator program occurs during the academic year, and thus, participation in the program must be carefully balanced with coursework and extracurriculars. Students must be currently enrolled at Princeton.

For complete details about the Incubator, visit the eLab website.