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Innovation: Princeton Journal of Science and Technology

Innovation: Princeton Journal of Science and Technology

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2013Innovation mag.png

Take a look at the Winter 2012 issue of Innovation magazine, an on-campus publication edited by Stephen Cognetta '15. The aim of the publication is to share the innovative research of Princeton faculty with the general public. The creators of Innovation believe that all members of the Princeton community, not just science majors, can be interested in science; thus, the magazine presents science neither esoterically nor obscurely, but in a way that is relevant to society. They are striving to make the fascinating research that transpires on the Princeton campus more visible to all. 

Free copies of the publication can be found at at the Frist Campus Center, the E-Quad, and various other locations on campus. Innovation is published once a semester. 

The Keller Center is proud to provide support to Innovation magazine through the Alumni Fund for Innovation in Engineering Education, which was established to support group projects conducted by students in engineering. Each year, the Keller Center announces the availability of these funds and all engineering students are eligible to apply. Students must apply as a group and require the endorsement of a faculty/research adviser.