Welcome to the Inclusive Pedagogy Symposium!  Our syllabus, readings, and resources will all be posted on this site for your convenience.
In this symposium, we seek to answer two important questions: How do educators ensure they are providing an inclusive learning environment for all students?  How can the learner’s understanding of inclusive learning and teaching enhance the learning experience of all students?  To answer these questions, you will be immersed in literature of inclusive pedagogy, will actively engage with methods described, and reflect on your own experiences as learners and peer educators.
 Your Instructors
Barbara FortunatoBarbara Fortunato
Barbara graduated from Princeton with her Electrical Engineering degree in 1998 and immediately became a technical consultant for the investment banks in New York City.  The events of 9/11 caused Barbara to reevaluate, which eventually led her to come back to Princeton’s Teacher Prep Program to pursue her passion for teaching.  She has been teaching physics at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South since 2007.
  Dr. Keith ShawDr. Keith Shaw
Keith is the Associate Director for the Writing Seminars in the Princeton Writing Program. He specializes in western political theory and environmental philosophy, and teaches courses on “Governing Humans,” “Robber Barons and Reformers,” and “Environmental Ethics and Politics.”
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Dr. Geneva Stein
Geneva is the current Assistant Director for Undergraduate Learning Programs at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. After studying learning and memory in worms, Geneva turned her eye toward human learning.  Geneva now works to improve and enhance students’ learning experience at Princeton, particularly in STEM and Quantitative fields. Geneva is very involved in efforts to make Princeton a more inclusive environment for all students particularly with regards to the classroom/academic climate.