Reporting on the front lines of history in Greece

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‘Hands off the squats’

In Athens, many refugees live in abandoned buildings known as squats. The Greek courts recently ruled that all occupants must be evicted, including at the well-known City Plaza Hotel. On June 23, opposition to the ruling was the focus of a rally outside the federal housing ministry. Our video team captured the action. 

Greek refugee camps becoming permanent

  By Ethan Sterenfeld ATHENS, Greece — Dilshad Ali decided, after his first four months in the Skaramagas refugee camp, that his bed should be more comfortable. So on Thursday, the 37-year-old native of Mosul, Iraq, gathered cardboard boxes to support his mattress. The camp, which is built on a gray concrete dock near the

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For refugees, new routines are a way of life

By Jack Lohmann SKARAMAGAS, Greece — At Skaramagas refugee camp, someone has scrawled black numeric codes on the front of each of the hundreds of otherwise identical metal containers that house refugees. The codes mark each container’s location.  Other than an occasional clothesline, few other features distinguish row after row of these mass-produced trailers. At

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Sunflowers and refugees

Mohammed Farid Eskandari and his  wife Rooya Golami By Andie Ayala ATHENS, Greece –– Mohammed Farid Eskandari watered his flower garden while his wife Rooya Golami peeked through the front door. Out front were a pink bicycle and bright red slippers belonging to one of their four daughters. But this was not the family’s house.

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Athenian Civic Action, Two Ways

SIngers in a 1000-voice choir hold flashlights and perform the music of Mikis Theodorakis in honor of the composer’s 92nd birthday.   By Talya Nevins ATHENS, Greece — On June 19, nearly 50,000 Athenians turned out to pay tribute to Mikis Theodorakis, a renowned composer and icon of Greek revolutionary nationalism, at a concert held

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The Block Party, Athens Style

Ancient Athens peaking out behind the modern-day protester at Syntagma Square. Photo by Chiara Ficarelli   By Chiara Ficarelli ATHENS, Greece –– A bee stung Lefteris Stefanis on Syntagma Square Tuesday, at a rally aimed at convincing the Greek prime minister to resign. The sharp pain in the 34-year-old’s right index finger caught him by

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Welcome to Borderland

Welcome to Borderland, a project of students in Princeton University’s global journalism seminar, “Reporting on the Frontlines in Greece.” In June and July 2017,  students traveled to Athens and the island of Lesbos, notebooks and cameras in hand, to serve as eyewitnesses at a pivotal moment in world affairs. Their challenging assignment: Produce a compelling

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