Why Hasn’t Quizbowl Expanded Outside of the U.S.?

Actually, it has! Although modern quizbowl is a relatively young activity, teams have begun to sprout in other English-speaking countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. In fact, some teams have even appeared at American schools in places like Hong Kong and Singapore. However, a lack of local competition has made these teams very hard to sustain.

One major barrier to the spread of quizbowl outside of North America is that quizbowl is based around an American school curriculum. The questions that are asked in quizbowl focus heavily on American and Western topics; because of this, it would be quite difficult for students in foreign countries, and especially non-Western countries, to excel in quizbowl. The questions simply are not relevant to students’ education.

Furthermore, quizbowl questions are only written in English. Thus, unlike many other competitions, quizbowl can only be played if its participants have strong English skills.

However, this is about to change…

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