Who Plays Quizbowl?

Students from a wide range of academic backgrounds choose to play quizbowl; the central common thread is that people who play quizbowl are always excited about learning and like to test their wits against others.

Some students who choose to play quizbowl are those who feel that their normal school curriculum does not challenge them enough. Quizbowl helps keep these students engaged in academia, and provides them with an outlet to be challenged in a way that their school does not.

Others are students who have a deep interest in a particular academic discipline. Many of these students use quizbowl to further explore their interest and meet other students who share their passion.

Some quizbowl players even go on to make money with the skills they develop! Two quizbowl players used the skills they developed playing quizbowl to become the most successful Jeopardy! players ever:

Former quizbowl player Ken Jennings is the second-most successful Jeopardy! player of all time, with a total winnings equal to $3,270,700. (Photo Source: http://www.secretgardenbooks.com/sites/secretgardenbooks.com/files/KenJennings3.jpg)
Former quizbowl player Brad Rutter won $4,385,702 on Jeopardy!, more than any other contestant. (Photo Source: https://www.jeopardy.com/Assets/jeopardy/images/beacontestant/notable_rutter.png)











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