Annie Leibovitz

Examples of her work:   Ballerina  and   Blue Dress






Annie Leibovitz is an American photographer, born in 1949. Her mother was a dance instructor and her father worked in the air force. Due to her father’s job, Ms. Leibovitz’s family moved frequently. Ms. Leibovitz went to San Francisco Art Institute for college. There she studied painting. Yet during that time and after, she practiced photography.

In 1970 she began working at the Rolling Stone magazine. In 1973, she became the chief photographer at Rolling Stone. She stayed there for the next 10 years. During that time and after, she photographed many famous people. These people included John Lennon, Adele, and Taylor Swift.

Many of Ms. Leibovitz’s photographs are of humans. Therefore, my photo was of a human. In many of Ms. Leibovitz’s photographs, the person is wearing something that flows. In my photograph, the person is wearing a scarf that flows.


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