Rinko Kawauchi

Examples of her work:  Purple,   Mouth,    Flower, and   Face


川内 倫子(かわうち、りんこ)は、1972年日本に生まれました。1993に川内さんは大阪成蹊大学に卒業をしました。その後広告代理店で働きました。2001年に写真家になり、はじめて三さつの写真本を出版しました。




Rinko Kawauchi was born in 1972 in Japan. In 1993, she went to Osaka Seikei University. After that she worked in advertisement. In 2001, she became a photographer and published her first three photography books.

Ms. Kawauchi’s photography was influenced by the Shinto religion. The Shinto religion values every object. So, Ms. Kawauchi took pictures of small things that didn’t seem to have any significance. For example, she took pictures of eggs, watermelon, and flowers. These are things you see everyday but Ms. Kawauchi makes you look at them.

Ms. Kawauchi used a lot of purple so I also used a lot of purple in my image. Ms. Kawauchi took many pictures of small pieces of the body. For example, she took pictures of just an open mouth. Other pictures include just the neck and hair and just the side of the face. Yet she took the most pictures of the eye so my picture is one of just the eye.

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