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The McGraw Center can help you integrate blogs, digital collections, maps and text-analysis tools into your course. These tools can give students the opportunity to work directly with course materials in creative ways to increase learning and comprehension.

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The McGraw Commons is an online publishing platform for teaching and learning. It includes several installations of web-based teaching tools, hosted on Princeton servers. Currently, the McGraw Commons offers:

WordPress: which can be used to build either traditional websites, or course blogs. It is possible to use both types of installations for posting video, text, maps, or audio files. Commonly, these teaching sites are used for student-created content that is part of a course assignment.

Sites created through the McGraw’s WordPress service can be cumulative, with work remaining from past course offerings (with student permission,) or used as a one-off exercise for a single course. The sites have varying degrees of visibility, depending upon course needs.

Omeka: a web publishing tool that is made for storing and commenting on online collections. Omeka might be used to display a virtual gallery, curated exhibition, archival collection, or other materials that can be best represented by a combination of text and images. Students can curate course collections in Omeka, as part of a collaborative assignment.


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History Beyond the Written Word: Unconventional Historical Sources and The Historian’s Craft

In History Beyond the Written Word: Unconventional Historical Sources and The Historian's Craft. History 278 (Spring 2015), students conducted oral history interviews and collected other materials, researching history using  unconventional sources.


Playing Soviet: The Visual Languages of Early Soviet Children’s Books, 1917-1953

The Playing Soviet website presents an interactive database of children’s book illustrations drawn from little-known and rarely-seen Soviet children’s books from the collection of the Cotsen Collection at Princeton’s Firestone Library. The website supports image [...]


Aprendo, an online textbook for Spanish 101, 102, 103 & 107

Aprendo is an online textbook developed during 2016 for use in Spanish 101, 102, 103, and 107. Students have access to multimedia course materials and complete exercises online.


HIS278: Digital, Spatial, Visual and Oral Histories

Students in the Spring 2016, HIS278, Digital, Spatial, Visual and Oral Histories course produced digital narratives using ESRI's online StoryMaps application. Based on recorded interviews conducted by the Historical Society of Princeton, images from the [...]


ABCBooks: ENG385, Children’s Literature

The ABC Books project makes available for research and analysis an interactive digital archive of rare children’s alphabet books. The overarching goal of the project is for students not only to interact with the archive [...]


EAS233: East Asian Humanities

The East Asian Studies department's East Asian Humanities course expands upon a model developed four years ago. In collaboration with staff from the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, faculty members in the department continue [...]